Human Performance

The only organizational resource that is not readily duplicated by a competitor is the company’s employees. Due to the level of variability and unpredictability, employees also represent the highest risk factor of any component in manufacturing. Many events affecting product quality and product losses occur because of human error. To control risks and promote operational excellence, firms must use proven standards that promote predictable outcomes of human performance. This begins with an effective Human Performance Program.

Our Approach to Human Performance

Just as the success of a plant depends on an effective early design, organizations must integrate the critical component of its employees in every facet of its design.

Site designers and leaders often build the human expectations and associated staff qualification programs based on the flawed assumption that they will hire “plug and play” operators and technicians, then blame system design when this strategy doesn’t work. Developing human-related processes at this early stage reduces long-standing risk to quality and efficiency.

Our Process

The steps necessary to implement an effective staff qualification program include:

  1. Clearly defining job roles based on job descriptions and organization structure
  2. Completing a skills gap assessment for both new and existing staff
  3. Developing core competencies based on the skills gap assessment
  4. Developing training materials to develop both knowledge and skills
  5. Implementing a tiered approach to qualifications based on experience and knowledge level
  6. Implementing hands on task-based qualifications
  7. Demonstrating proficiency with critical tasks both initially and on a recurring basis

The Result

Risk mitigation through an intentionally designed qualification program leads to positive results that can be repeated anywhere. Use of an effective human performance program will result in well trained technicians with a better understanding of:

  • How processes work
  • The importance of following procedure
  • The need to do it “right the first time”
  • Always having a questioning attitude
  • Continuous improvement through continuous learning

The human factor is the largest variable in any process. Our team can help mitigate the risk with expected results by implementing an effective qualification program which ensures both people and equipment are qualified.

Our Human Performance Services

  • Human Performance Design Review: integrating human performance into design, or reassessing of the effectiveness of human performance in current operations
  • Staff Qualification Planning: conducting skills assessments and building core competencies
  • Talent Development Program: increasing staff retention with investment in staff development while maintaining qualified operators and technicians
  • Staff Qualification Programs: implementing a tiered approach to qualifications
  • Sustained Performance Programs: established standards and performance assessment program leading to continuous improvement

Mitigate Risk. Manage the Human Factor.

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