Building Commissioning

How does delaying your startup production date affect your customers’ confidence in your ability to deliver?

Our goal in the Mission Critical industry is to have a finished facility that comes in on time, on budget, and performs as expected and designed. We invest time and money developing designs, specifications, and owner’s project requirements for our facilities. Only to have them interpreted differently when the equipment is selected, the site is laid out, and when the fit out begins.


Our Building Commissioning Services

Having your commissioning agent (CxA) involved in the design phase brings value that is not realized until the project is finished.  A CxA has been through many different configurations and knows what works, and what does not. Your CxA will help with:

  • Design Review
  • Schedule Coordination
  • Start Up Acceptance Testing
  • Integrated Systems Testing
  • Functional Performance Testing
  • Maintenance Planning
  • Load Management
  • Close-out Document
  • Discrepancy Log and Corrections


Contractors tend to have a plan that does not align with the commissioning strategy. Poor schedule design can lead to delays and additional costs just when your operations team is setting up to deploy. Having CxA involved with design reviews and scheduling assistance has proven results.

Our team of CxA’s has the knowledge and experience to match the finer details from the project requirements to your equipment selection.  The return on investment in early involvement of your commissioning team prevents delays and unforeseen costs.

Commissioning should not be a final thought.  Let our skilled team help your projects meet their production dates.