CAI is proud to be an implementation partner with autoLOTO to bring their innovative safety software to CAI’s worldwide clientele and utilize our technical expertise to drive rapid, efficient installation, and startup of the autoLOTO Lockout/Tagout application.

autoLOTO is a transformative enterprise application that saves lives through hazardous energy identification and management. autoLOTO seamlessly blends a mobile application, desktop management program, and the clients’ physical infrastructure to create a system that makes the Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) process easier, more efficient, and demonstrably safer.

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We’re a Trusted Kneat Services Partner. As a Kneat Services Partner we’re qualified to map and configure your work processes to Kneat Gx, to scale these processes across your various sites and provide ongoing support to your users. Kneat Solutions’ feature rich paperless validation platform, Kneat Gx makes validation easier, faster and smarter.  Purpose built for the Life Sciences, Kneat Gx digitizes your entire validation life-cycle, enabling validation teams to author, review, approve, test-execute, manage exceptions and post-approve any business process in a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant web based software that’s securely accessible anywhere with an internet connection.

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