Board of Directors

Cyd Brandvein

Board Member

Chair of the Global Risk Committee
Member of the Compensation
Technology, Investment, and Acquisitions Committee

Cyd Brandvein is a global enterprise resilience executive and board director with over 20 years of continuous progressionand achievement in helping global tech and engineering corporations navigate complexity. In her prior executive roles atGoogle/Alphabet and AECOM Inc., Cyd envisioned global strategy and enterprise resilience through innovative ways tosafeguard global operations that were instrumental to protect reputation, operations, and financial performance in serviceand product areas.

As an experienced board member, Cyd has advanced the mission of founding and established company boards as wellas government, advisory, and nonprofit boards, by leveraging expertise in strategic planning, risk management,succession planning, talent development, and regulatory compliance and disclosure. She currently serves as an independent member of CAI’s Board, chairs the Global Risk Committee, and sits on the Compensation Committee and the Technology, Mergers, and Innovation Committee. Previously, she headed the State of California Board of Optometryas President and Vice President, and led 3 committees during 2 terms, which showcased her effective public serviceleadership to navigate various levels of management and departments within the Department of Consumer Affairs and Governor’s office. She also completed 2 terms with the Girl Scouts of Orange County Board, served as Assistant Secretary to the Board of an AECOM founding company, and sat on the Advisory Merger & Integration Advisory,Customer Experience Committee, Branding Strategy Council for America West Airlines during its merger with U.S. Airways Group.

Cyd earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), and completed extensive advanced education in corporate board governance and public service leadership. She stays connected to her alma mater by serving on UCLA Alumni Association committees and mentoring the next generation of UCLA’s business leaders and public servants.