Kneat: Project Ready

CAI is proud to be a Trusted Kneat Services Partner. As a Kneat Services Partner, we have created a qualified instance of Kneat to host CAI’s Best in Class document templates that we call Kneat: Project Ready. Kneat: Project Ready boosts project efficiency by slashing the time to prepare and complete Good Engineering Practice testing and speeds Quality Risk Management implementation to drive Speed to Patient and Operational Readiness.


Easier, Faster, Smarter Validation

Kneat enables regulated companies to consolidate validation and quality management into a single end-to-end web-based software platform.

CAI’s Kneat: Project Ready allows companies to achieve all the benefits of using Kneat on an accelerated timeline. CAI has done the heavy lifting of creating a Kneat instance, validating it for use, and creating a template library.


Driving Productivity & Compliance

By eliminating paper from all stages of the validation life cycle, Kneat allows organizations to achieve and lock-down quality assurance best practice across an unlimited number of sites and users, improving validation productivity by as much as 100%. By utilizing Kneat: Project Ready, organizations can reduce project startup time to nearly zero and utilize best in class templates and processes.