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Dave DiPietro

Dave DiPietro

Director of Operations, Northeast

Mike Martin

President and CEO

Bob Chew

Chairman of the Board

Rich Tree

Chief Operating Officer

Alice Redmond, BSc, MBs, PhD

Chief Strategy Officer

Phil Pursifull

Chief Financial Officer

Wes Vestal

Chief People Officer

Jackie Karceski

Chief Technology Officer

Erik Adams

Global Director, Program and Project Management

Amanda Aird

Senior People Solutions Manager

Dwayne Ariola

Manager of Technical Services, Mountain States – South

Nick Armstrong

Senior Director of Digital Enablement

Michael Ashworth

Director of Operations, Pacific Southwest

Zagros Barazenda

Country Manager, United Kingdom

Harry Benson

Global Director, Human Performance

Kirk Calhoun

Director of Operations, Data Center Commissioning, Americas

Carrie Cash

Global Director, Marketing

Niall Clarke

Associate Director, Data Center Commissioning, EMEA

Andrea Castiglioni

Regional Manager, Southern Europe

Nathan Coy

Director of Operations, Pacific Northwest

David Goodlander

Director of Operations, Canada

John Henchion

VP, Europe

Jim Hicks

Director of Operations, Southeast

Josh Hoops, MBA, PMP

Vice President, Data Centers