Own Who You Are: Women in Pharma

October 27, 2017 ||
On Sunday I will have the pleasure of facilitating a spotlight session on “The Women in Pharma” at the ISPE Annual Meeting in San Diego, California.  We will be meeting from 1415 – 1515 to participate in round table discussions focusing on ourselves.  We will cover topics on leadership, higher…

Five Keys to Manufacturing Success

October 26, 2017 ||
“…there are five dominant management systems required to achieve manufacturing performance…. Each element drives an important priority within the organization. An imbalance in any direction will create a gap and introduce unnecessary organization variation, impacting product quality.”

Facilitation is the Key to Successful FMEAs

October 19, 2017 ||
The Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) is a versatile risk management tool that has been around for several decades, first used by the US Armed Forces in 1949. It started gaining popularity in the 1960’s with its use in the aerospace industry during the Apollo missions. FMEA has been…

GEP In Projects – To Practice, Or Not To Practice?

October 17, 2017 ||
As responsible Project Managers, we need to deliver maximum benefits realization to our project stakeholders on each project.  The key to maximum benefits realization is clearly delineating stakeholder requirements and assuring these requirements are satisfied throughout the project lifecycle.  A critical component for assuring stakeholder requirements are satisfied is following…