Mike Martin

President and CEO
MBA, Indiana University & BS, Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University

Member of the Valuation Committee
Member of the Valuation and Global Risk Committee

Mike invested his career of 30+ years in the pharmaceutical industry. Most of his employment was with a large global pharmaceutical company. Currently, he serves as the president of CAI, an engineering consulting company which primarily serves the pharmaceutical industry.  Mike is a Mechanical Engineer with a Master’s in Business Administration. He has a variety of experiences in engineering, operational leadership, engineering leadership, and large-scale project management in diverse global settings.  Mike has delivered major capital projects in the US, Puerto Rico, China, and Ireland.

He has led very diverse teams in very challenging settings. He has integrated himself successfully into a variety of cultures and locations and has inspired teams to achieve very difficult goals in a wide variety of opportunities.   Mike has experience in a variety of types of pharmaceutical manufacturing operations including dry product manufacturing, aseptic manufacturing, API manufacturing, and delivery device manufacturing. He has led engineering organizations, operational organizations, and large project organizations across these types of manufacturing areas.