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The Planning Stage of Technology Transfer

June 11, 2024 || Robert Ossig
The Planning stage of technology transfer (TT) is crucial for ensuring a seamless transition of processes, resources, and knowledge from the Sending Unit (SU) to the Receiving Unit (RU). However, this stage involves complex coordination across functional groups, each with unique roles and responsibilities. This blog explores the key activities…

The Execution Stage of Technology Transfer

April 26, 2024 || Robert Ossig
An Overview of the Execution Stage The Execution stage is the heartbeat of pharmaceutical technology transfer, where the meticulous planning of the Readiness stage comes to fruition. This critical phase involves executing Process Performance Qualification (PPQ) and ensuring operational readiness and compliance at the Receiving Unit (RU). Here, we delve…

Emerging Therapeutics and Personalized Medicine 

December 6, 2023 || Robert Ossig
A Personalized Medicines Overview  Personalized medicine, also known as precision medicine, represents a paradigm shift in healthcare, emphasizing the customization of medical treatments to individual characteristics and challenging the existing pharmaceutical manufacturing paradigm. Within this evolving field, various categories of personalized medicines have emerged, each aiming to optimize therapeutic outcomes…