How to Maintain Equipment Readiness During Modified or Idle State

June 20, 2019 ||
A considerable amount of effort goes into developing an asset maintenance plan that combines all the technical and administrative measures throughout the life cycle of a piece of equipment aiming to preserve as well as restore its readiness so it can perform its required function. Often, the premise of these…

Managing Uncertainty and Maintaining Progress

June 6, 2019 ||
Imagine the following scenario: The capital project is large, multinational, and complex. It is in the early stages of the project lifecycle, and the schedule is not fully developed nor the team fully formed. Uncertainty abounds, and frustrations are building due to the perceived lack of progress. The pressure is…

Download the Whitepaper: Power of Design Review

May 30, 2019 ||
Design Review (DR) and Quality Risk Management (QRM) are considered current industry practice and are essential as enabling processes for verification of facilities, systems, and equipment. But what is Design Review? Why is Design Review underutilized in CQV projects? What are the risks of not performing Design Review? And more…

C&Q Benchmarking: Process and State of the Industry

May 17, 2019 ||
Risk-based approaches to commissioning and qualification (C&Q) is a common standard for site and project plans. What does that mean and why is there so much implementation variability across the industry? Our CQV benchmark initiative is focused on:

Whitepaper: Strong Project Controls are Critical to Your Success

April 30, 2019 ||
Here’s an excerpt from this whitepaper: “The hallmark of a high performing organization is the cultivation, use, and continuous improvement of their processes used to monitor and evaluate performance. As such, many organizations continue to struggle to reach a high level of performance in delivering projects, not because they don’t…

Batteries & Flywheels: What is your best energy storage option?

April 25, 2019 ||
A mission critical facility’s greatest liability to maintaining uptime is power quality. But why is power quality so important to a Data Center’s operation? Because the quality of power to the IT equipment directly impacts the equipment performance, uptime, and potential damage to equipment. The key to power quality is…

The Edge of Modular Data Centers

April 9, 2019 ||
The expansion of edge computing, powered by the Internet of Thing’s (IoT) uprising tide, brings the unique opportunity to turn a world full of data into a data-driven world. Many applications of IoT, such as industrial automation processes, smart healthcare, and self-driving cars, require a compute infrastructure that sits closer…