Exploring Sources of Communication Errors in Project Teams

May 1, 2024 || Charles Logan
Efficient communication stands as a cornerstone of thriving project teams, enabling the smooth exchange of thoughts, ideas, and emotions among members. Nevertheless, communication mishaps can occur despite diligent efforts, resulting in misunderstandings, conflicts, and missed collaborative opportunities. While factors such as language disparities and cultural distinctions contribute to these errors,…

Unlock the True Potential of Project Management: Power Skills Edition

December 6, 2023 || Patrick Hayes, Ph.D.
Introducing the Game-Changing Power Skills for Project Managers In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world of project management, technical expertise alone is no longer enough. The true difference-maker lies in harnessing Power Skills – the secret sauce that propels project managers to new heights of success! The Evolution of Soft Skills:…

The Pollinator-Friendly Data Centre Industry In Ireland That Is Helping To Save The Bees.

November 3, 2023 || Tom O'Farrell, Director of Client Engagement, Europe - Data Centre Services
“The bee is more honoured than other animals, not because she labours, but because she labours for others.” – St. John Chrysostom There appears to be constant negative attention towards Data Centres from the media in Ireland. Since the benefits of Data Centres are not reported fairly, then It shouldn’t…

The Knowledge Transfer Stage of Technology Transfer

September 29, 2023 || Robert Ossig
Knowledge Transfer: The Crucial Stage of Successful Tech Transfer Technology transfer (TT) is a pivotal process in the lifecycle of any product, ensuring the smooth transition of knowledge, systems, and processes from a source unit (SU) to a receiving unit (RU). The Knowledge Transfer (KT) stage, which aligns with both…

Benefits of Implementing a People in Plant Program for Observations and Training in the Pharma Industry

July 11, 2023 || Loren Lawless
The pharmaceutical industry is characterized by complex manufacturing processes and stringent quality standards. To ensure operational excellence and adherence to regulatory requirements, many pharmaceutical companies have embraced the concept of a “People in Plant” program. This program entails involving personnel in plant operations through observations and training initiatives. In this…

Sláinte and Thank You to Our Agents in Ireland

March 17, 2023 ||
As St. Patrick’s Day approaches, we at CAI take great pride in celebrating the accomplishments of our agents in Ireland. Our Irish team has made invaluable contributions to our company’s success and growth, and we want to take this opportunity to acknowledge their hard work and dedication. Ireland has long…

Technology Transfer Project Management Best Practices in the Era of COVID-19

December 30, 2020 || Charlie Maher
Technology transfer is essential to advancing pharmaceutical products from development, through clinical and into commercial operation.  The complexity of transferring the production of a product from a sending unit to the receiving unit is challenging even in the best of conditions. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic the industry…

What does it take to inspire people to work safely?

January 29, 2019 ||
Having led many large capital projects around the world that had very strong safety records, I was asked by an HSE leader about my approach for creating and inspiring a strong safety culture… this was my response: