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Automation in Construction – The Key to Fast Startup

October 27, 2021 || Jackie Karceski
The construction business is one of the largest industries in the world, with an annual market capitalization exceeding $10 trillion. Despite its tremendous potential, many firms are struggling due to a shortage of skilled workers, weak productivity growth, and waste. New data shows that the industry is inefficient and wasteful,…

The Low Down on a New Packaging Serialization Standard

January 4, 2018 ||
Nine vendors and one end user recently conducted pilot tests to develop, evaluate, and validate a new serialization standard, PSS 1.0, officially released in November 2017. This group, known as the Open Serialization Communication Standard Group (Open-SCS), advocates that PSS 1.0 minimizes customization of plant-to-enterprise interfaces (Levels 3 and 4),…