CAI is now delivering Operational Readiness

Our focus and long track-record on operational readiness, compliance with regulatory requirements, and speed to patient, aligns well with the needs of the industry, where there is a strong demand for our services and seasoned professionals’ expertise.


Fundamentally we exist for one reason: To accelerate our clients’ path to success. Our approach is simple; we help our customers uncover their explicit needs and then put their interests first. We don’t stop working on the project until it’s right. And we’ll do whatever it takes to get there. We bring top-tier expertise to every stage of a project, from creating comprehensive, detailed project plans to turning full-scale production operations, into rigorous asset management, reliability, and sustainability activities.


The CAI difference is our experience in applying quality risk management principles to the startup and commissioning of FDA and EU GxP regulated facilities. We draw focus on that which is mission critical, while maintaining a holistic view of all required activities.

When schedule challenges arise, we know what testing can and cannot be skipped, adjusted, or modified. We feel this is a unique approach in high-performance environment projects.

By using a risk-based and scientific approach, we concentrate efforts on what will have the greatest impact on reliable operations. This results in a more thorough and cost-effective process which saves both time and money for our clients. CAI’s leaders’ thoughts on achieving this long-time goal.

Mike MartinMike Martin, CEO:

“Our first global office opened in Europe 10 years ago. Expansion to Italy and the Netherlands followed in response to the rise in data centre technology and the increasing demand for engineering services in the life sciences. Now, we are establishing our physical presence in the U.K. CAI has a proven track record of delivering global experience on a local level, meeting our customers where they are—in their culture and language. That is one of CAI’s key differentiators and what drives our commitment to our customers.”

Zagros Barazenda Zagros Barazenda , UK Country Manager:

“CAI’s standard of excellence in both its offerings and culture is well positioned to deliver leading expertise on mission-critical facilities and manufacturing regulation in the UK,” said Zagros. “I am humbled and excited to lead CAI ‘s mission in expanding to the UK, with a focus on building a world-class culture and fostering an inclusive environment to attract, develop, engage, and retain the best talent to serve our clients in both Bio-Pharmaceuticals and Data centers. CAI UK has been at the forefront of the COVID 19 vaccine initiative to the market and I am proud to have been part of this journey and expand our services to aid in bringing much-needed drugs to patients.”