CAI Announces No-Code Tech Partnership with Coactive

CAI provides no-code application services to digitize and automate their clients’ complex engineering and project management workflows using Coactive’s no-code development platform.

INDIANAPOLIS, June 9, 2020 – CAI, a global consulting company that provides technical, operational consulting and project management services to life sciences, data centers, and industrial process manufacturing industries, announced today a strategic partnership with Coactive.

Coactive is a software technology company that builds fully-customized applications using their proprietary no-code development platform.

Coactive will support CAI to digitally transform their clients’ complex engineering and mission-critical project management workflows. Companies still using paper-based workflows or spreadsheets will benefit from digital applications that modernize their processes and improve their productivity.

“Coactive’s no-code application development platform empowers our teams with productivity tools that digitize our clients’ processes and automate their everyday repetitive tasks,” said Mike Martin, Incoming President, CAI.

Automating processes like compliance and auditing, task management and logistics, and supply chain management improves workforce experience and builds operational efficiencies. This leads to more cost-effective processes with less risk of human error.

“Users typically build applications up to 10 times faster on our platform and our clients benefit from operational savings of 3-5 hours per employee, per week on manual tasks,” said Jackie Karceski, President, Coactive.

Coactive’s no-code development platform was created with simplicity and speed in mind. Users can build powerful regulatory compliant applications using visual drag and drop builders, form templates, custom workflows, and connectors to existing systems and data processes. Unlike off-the-shelf alternatives, applications built using no-code technology are flexible and scalable to adapt to changing business needs.

About CAI

CAI provides technical and consulting services to regulated biopharmaceutical manufacturing and mission-critical facilities. CAI’s primary focus is helping companies get to full-scale operational readiness, and to identify and implement operational improvements. CAI focuses on the confluence of the process, the physical plant, and the personnel to improve operational performance and reliability. CAI is a US$100 million global company, with over 500 employees and operations in North America, Europe, and Asia. Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Indianapolis USA, CAI has become the global “go-to” company to deliver complex high technology manufacturing faster with the goal of full-scale production volumes. CAI is currently engaged with international clients transforming manufacturing lines to produce millions of doses of COVID-19 therapies and potential vaccines. For more information visit

About Coactive

Coactive is a software technology company building productivity tools and processes that help teams enjoy their everyday work. The company’s core expertise is in supporting Life Sciences, Legal, Manufacturing and Consulting sectors who want to digitize business processes, increase productivity, and accelerate digital transformation. Coactive’s proprietary no-code development platform allows citizen developers and business users to quickly build applications that streamline operational efficiency and automate manual or repetitive processes. Coactive is based in Indianapolis, Indiana. For more information connect with us @GoCoactive on Twitter.

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