Empowering Your Operators to Lead Can Reduce Losses

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Autonomous Maintenance (AM) is simply maintenance activities performed by operations to prevent deterioration of their equipment (Asset Care).

I’ve have the pleasure of successfully utilizing Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) AM Steps during my 14 years of military service and 17 years in manufacturing operation. 

Why should your organization consider utilizing TPM AM on the shop floor in your organization?

Tangible Benefits  

  • Reduced Maintenance Cost
  • Reduced Off Quality Product
  • Reduced Manufacturing Cost
  • Increase People Productivity
  • Reduced Total Accidents
  • Reduced Changeover Time
  • Reduced Rework
  • Reduced Labor Cost due to reduction in overtime

Intangible Benefitstpm_automated-graph

  • Safe workplace environment
  • Pleasant workplace environment
  • Employees take pride in a clean and organized workplace
  • Improved communication flow
  • Removal of political obstacles and frustration
  • Employees feel valued and part of the team

Line Operator Autonomous Maintenance Training & Education Enables Role Change

  • Line operator is empowered to perform routine maintenance activities
  • Allows problems to be identified and solved quickly
  • Stops potential forced deterioration of equipment and equipment failures
  • Establishes standards for asset care
  • Operators lead from shop floor

In my experience, TPM AM will only be successful if there is full commitment and cooperation between the operations and maintenance staff. Implement TPM AM on the shop floor and empower your operators to succeed.

Contact Rick Jones (rick.jones@cagents.com) for any questions you may have on Total Productive Maintenance Autonomous Maintenance.