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Patient Safety is the Perspective for Prevention

April 3, 2024 || Cheryl Bondurant
When I first started writing this blog, the subject was remediation for regulatory inspections. But, as I progressed through the authoring of this blog, I asked the question why should we focus on regulatory inspection remediation instead of prevention of inspection remediation? For those of you who have been involved…

Patients emerge as the ultimate beneficiaries of Aseptic Processing Technology advancements

March 18, 2024 || Connie Leech
Aseptic Processing Technology advancement innovations such as robotics, artificial intelligence, & rapid test methods have continued to ensure the production of safer, more effective medical products, thereby enhancing patient outcomes and overall satisfaction. Manufacturers can consistently deliver sterile medications and devices by employing state-of-the-art aseptic processing techniques, reducing the risk…

Compliance: Framing Success Utilizing PIC/S and EU GMP

November 21, 2023 || LeAnna Pearson
Introduction PIC/S was founded in 1995 as an extension of PIC  (Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention).  They are a non-binding cooperative arrangement between 56 different Regulatory Authorities.  Just seeing the number 56 does not have the same impact as seeing the map below and understanding the true global reach of PIC/S.  Their…