Equipment Reliability and Preserving Functional Requirements

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dreamstime_xxl_34001721Pharmaceutical companies make huge investments in equipment, materials, and personnel to develop and manufacture life-saving products. The equipment that makes those products is designed, manufactured, and commissioned to a specific set of standards. There is an expectation that the equipment will continue to provide quality service within those parameters for a set amount of time and for a predictable cost. Yet we struggle to have confidence that our operational and capital expenditures will return the maximum value from our assets from the day they are qualified until their disposal.

Bridging the gap between a corporate business plan and day-to-day operations requires an Asset Management Policy and a Strategic Asset Management Plan that aligns all your business areas to fulfill the corporate mission. Executives need to know that the priorities and expenditures of different departments are aligned to support the same goals. Managers need assurance that their employees and resources are being focused on long-term goals and not just short-term needs. Employees need to have a clear line of sight from the production floor to the board room.


ISO-55000 (Asset Management) is a system designed to break down silos and align day-to-day operations and capital projects with the corporate mission. It defines the fundamental activities or “shall” statements that allow a company to maximize the value from its assets. Comprehensive and highly adaptable, ISO-55000 tells companies what to do to establish a world class asset management system without telling them how to do it. It provides a template that can be used to identify what asset management activities a company already does well and what tools can be added. These tools will help a company focus on value from assets instead of the assets themselves, define leadership, increase cross functional alignment, and provide the critical assurance that assets will perform required functions throughout their entire lifecycle.


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John Hughes, CAMA, CMRP has 30 years of experience as an asset management specialist in several industries. His roles have including project coordinator, construction manager, facilities manager, maintenance lead, building automation system programmer, maintenance planner, and industrial mechanic.

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