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Compliance: Framing Success Utilizing PIC/S and EU GMP

November 21, 2023 || LeAnna Pearson
Introduction PIC/S was founded in 1995 as an extension of PIC  (Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention).  They are a non-binding cooperative arrangement between 56 different Regulatory Authorities.  Just seeing the number 56 does not have the same impact as seeing the map below and understanding the true global reach of PIC/S.  Their…

Biotech’s QRM is All-Around Changes in the ICH Q9 Guideline

November 20, 2023 || Rosario Hughes-Kielty
To foster greater success and reduce failure rates within the biotechnology industry, it has become imperative for companies to establish robust risk management plans. Quality Risk Management (QRM) principles have emerged as a key strategy in achieving this goal. QRM details a comprehensive evaluation of risks associated with both patient…

Revolutionizing Drug Manufacturing: A closer look at pending Facility Applications for GMP Inspections

November 10, 2023 || Connie Leech and Geraldine Carr-Mulry
COVID-19 pandemic exposed vulnerabilities and challenges in pharmaceutical supply chains, leading to drug shortages and disruptions. Whilst certain aspects of the pandemic have gone away, drug shortages have persisted on a global scale. The demand for flexibility in the supply chain remains imperative, However, many drug manufacturers are still reluctant…

Moving the Goalposts?

April 5, 2018 ||
Can a standard Corporate Scoring Framework be applied across the spectrum of Quality Risk Management?