Qualification and Validation

State of Validation

November 27, 2023 || Jonathon Thompson, Director - Product Management
CAI, Kneat Solutions, and others have partnered again in 2023 to conduct the annual State of Validation survey.  The survey targets current professionals in a validation, quality, or compliance function in industries governed by Data Integrity or ICH, FDA, and EU GMP Guidelines. This year’s survey results concluded that the…

Kneat and CAI:  Building the Future of Validation Together

October 24, 2022 || Jon Thompson
Building the Future of Validation Together was the title of a recent webinar co-presented by Rick Mineo, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Kneat and Aaron Roth, Associate Director, Global C&Q, CAI.  The webinar can be found here:  https://kneat.com/webinars/.  This title perfectly sums up the growing relationship that was formalized just…