20 Years of Meeting a Higher Standard

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20-Year-Logo-OPTION-1.jpgCommissioning Agents, Inc. (CAI) was founded with a mission to become the world wide leader of value-added commissioning services for Biopharm facilities and to be an agent for change in the industry.  On the occasion of our 20-year anniversary, we celebrate our past and provide a vision for the next 20 years.

Bob Chew, co-founder of Commissioning Agents, is a leading global expert on Commissioning and Qualification.  He, along with several principals of Commissioning Agents, were not just catalysts for industry change – they helped author the guidance, trained industry and actively implemented solutions to develop new risk based qualification approaches.  As a result, CAI is the go-to company for commissioning and qualification services.

In 2008, CAI became an employee-owned company.  We now have over 400 full-time staff resources across the globe, and stretch coast to coast and border to border in the United States.  With growing offices in Puerto Rico, Dublin, Shanghai, and Singapore, CAI can provide solutions to projects around the world.

In addition to our core expertise and the subject of our founding vision, we offer anever widening array of servicesharmonized to bring manufacturing capacity to full scale operations by integrating process understanding, staff training and qualification, and delivery of the capital facility.  Ask us about the Chemistry of Full Scale Operations – our play book to get you up and running.

Commissioning Agents, Inc. provides owner project management, automation, tech transfer to product realization, and quality and compliance consulting.

We deliver world class asset management services for mission critical facilities in industries including: Biopharm, Datacenters, Hospitals, Labs, Cosmetics, and Personal Care.

We have developed Biovke, our software information management tool, to facilitate the delivery of our services, manage your GMP information, and improve efficiency of projects and processes.

AfterTwenty years  have passed and we have delivered on the founding vision – meeting a higher standard.  We are now charting new frontiers for the next 20 years.

Looking ahead, we will continue to be agents of change and continue to look for ways to help facilities operate more efficiently.  By “listening to the voice of the product” – to understand what is truly needed to achieve high yield, high quality manufacturing, we will help industry get past high cost compliance and reap the competitive benefits of world-class quality systems.  And as our past represents, we will go where needed to meet these objectives.  Commissioning Agents sends a hearty “thank you” to all of our past and current clients, partners, and employees.

There’s always more to learn. And in our business, knowledge is power. That’s why Commissioning Agents Inc. is committed to providing the objective, timely industry advice we can all benefit from.