Digital transformation & no-code applications

Digital technologies help companies develop new products and services, engage better with their consumers, and execute operations more cost-effectively. However, many companies struggle to navigate their way through the digital transformation process.

  • Are legacy systems limiting your progress?
  • Is it challenging to introduce new technologies into your organization?
  • Is your data management process lagging behind industry standards?
  • Is it difficult for your organization to become fully customer-centric?
  • Are you struggling to achieve regulatory compliance?
  • Are you missing a digital transformation roadmap?

Any of the above sound familiar? We support our customers through the entire digital transformation process.

Streamlining complex engineering & mission-critical project management workflows

From identifying business processes ripe for transformation to rapid application design and implementation, business integration, and quality support and maintenance; we help your organization through the everyday challenges of digitally transforming itself. We work closely with your people, existing technology, legacy systems, and processes to streamline complex engineering and mission-critical project management workflows. Our solutions deliver your organization value propositions such as faster time to market, and cost efficiencies together with reduced risk and improved productivity.

Our partnership with Coactive

CAI understands the value of digital transformation. We are committed to adopting new technologies, ensuring we consistently deliver the highest quality of service to our clients as well as the best work environment for our people. Manual, repetitive, paper-based or spreadsheet tasks that once took hours, now only takes us seconds or minutes to complete.

Using no-code application technology has made it possible for CAI to remain competitive and relevant in an increasingly challenging market. CAI employees have been empowered through the Coactive no-code platform to build applications that have further improved our services to our customers. Coactive delivers both extensive business transformation expertise as well as no-code application development capabilities. The Coactive founders are former CAI employees and with this industry knowledge they have intimate knowledge of the challenges our customers face. Their leadership team has decades of business transformation experience and their development teams can rapidly build apps that fundamentally change core processes and workflows for the better.

No-code applications explained…

No-code development platforms allow users to build powerful regulatory compliant applications using visual drag and drop builders, form templates, and custom workflows. With connectors to existing legacy systems and data processes, no-code applications are flexible, scale together with the organization and meet data integrity requirements. While Coactive applications are limitless in their opportunities, they are largely focused on automating compliance and auditing task management, risk management, logistics and supply chain management, issue tracking, HR & people management together with broader critical project management tasks.

Use cases for no-code applications

Regulatory compliance
Fast track regulatory compliance and site management tasks and issues with customized no-code applications that automate the process for you.

Reduced human error
Reduce human error and other predictable risks when you simplify and modernize processes and workflows using no-code applications that are fully customized to your teams’ needs.

Modernize your data management program
Take advantage of cloud flexibility and scalability by transforming how you manage data security and data protection and use real-time data dashboard analysis tools.

Manage operations more efficiently
Improve productivity, automate manual and repetitive tasks, and track your operations more efficiently.

Use cloud technology as a competitive advantage
Deliver new drugs, MedTech, and other devices to market faster than your competitors with a digitized core.

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