Shire Project Atlas


Shire HGT’s new facility needed thorough testing to assure commissioning was carried out appropriately.


The primary function of this facility is the production of Commercial Cell Culture with the Bulk Intermediate being processed at existing Shire facilities.

Equipment Used

Cell Culture technology was developed around single use 2000L Perfusion Bioreactors with a peak plant capacity of 4x2000L. In addition to commercial cell culture the facility also includes a clinical manufacturing facility capable of operating 500L Perfusion Bioreactors including all downstream purification processes. Central services including Weigh and Dispense, Glasswash, Buffer and Media Prep serves both Commercial and Clinical Operations.

Project Success

Because of our knowledge of Shire’s C&Q strategies and practices, Commissioning Agents was the trusted partner used to drive completion on time and on budget.


The facility consists of approximately 50,000 SF of office and admin space, 45,000 SF of clean room manufacturing space, 10,000 SF of JIT warehouse with the balance of the 230,000 gross SF consisting of mechanical rooms, equipment penthouse, interstitial spaces, loading docks and facilities support space.

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