Novartis Holly Springs Vaccine Plant


Commissioning of the purified water systems from city water to WFI, clean steam, compressed gas systems, HVAC.


Acted as system owner for site-wide HVAC systems, environmental chambers, and compressed air systems. Commissioning of Filling line including E-beam sterilizer, debagger, bundler and case packer , centrifuges, biowaste system, environmental chambers, laminar flow hoods, and dispensing booths. Performed FATs of Water Pre-treatment and Water Purification equipment, Biowaste system, process tanks and centrifuges. Developed risk-based commissioning system providing leveraged lean validation. Participated in the development of Sensor Risk Assessments.

Project success

Project delivered successfully on schedule. Team was able to add value by identifying and correcting issues; allowing project to stay on schedule.

Time Frame

1 Year

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