325kW Data Center

Project Overview

Greenfield build of a multiple story facility with the data center occupying the first floor; raised-floor design; 21,000 square feet; 325kW Data Center initial load with MDF design for 650kW; comparable to a Tier III design.


Build and commission a new enterprise Data Center within the assigned project schedule.

Services Provided

Third party commissioning services for the Client/Facility Owner. CAI performed the following services during this project:

  • Installation Verifications – conducted field inspections to verify all construction activities complied with project specifications and drawings
  • Pre-Functional Checks (PFC) – all vendor startup testing was either directly observed or startup documentation was reviewed for accuracy and completeness
  • Functional Performance Tests (FPT) – for all electrical and mechanical equipment. This included development of equipment specific test scripts, testing execution and test process management
  • Integrated Systems Tests (IST) – for all electrical and mechanical equipment
  • IR Thermography scans were performed by a vendor and reviewed by the Commissioning Agent
  • Initiate, Track and Resolve all project issues
  • Final system turnover of all systems including verification of all construction documentation, vendor O&M manuals, Commissioning test reports, Description of Operation documents and training manuals
  • Warranty period testing – provided a site visit and evaluation at the ten month point to ensure continued, correct operation of all systems prior to the end of the warranty period for all equipment


  • One enterprise Data Center room with associated infrastructure.
  • Main Distribution Frame
  • Two self-contained, diesel-powered, backup generators
  • Utility Substation switchgear and transfer switches
  • Medium and Low Voltage Switchboards
  • Automatic Transfer Switches
  • Uninterruptable Power Sources (UPS) – battery backup
  • Electrical Protective Relaying system
  • Emergency Lighting System
  • Building Automation System (BAS)
  • Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC)
  • Indoor Air Conditioning Units
  • Energy Recovery Units (ERU)
  • Fire System Pre-action systems
  • Site Generator Fuel Supply, Fuel System Polisher and Monitoring systems

Project Success

All commissioning was conducted allowing the Client to populate all data racks as scheduled. Many FPTs were able to be coordinated with the Vendor’s PFCs reducing overall testing time while still ensuring thorough system testing and expediting the final delivery of the data center to the owner. All testing issues were documented and tracked to satisfactory resolution. Below are some of the major issues identified and corrected due to the commissioning process:

  • Several UPS batteries were identified as faulty during battery discharge tests.
  • One of the backup generator engine control units was identified to not be communicating with the engine.
  • Incorrect wiring of Distribution Panel Electronic Trip Units (ETU) was identified though indication of negative readings.
  • PDU HMIs were identified to be reporting improper power and phase readings.
  • Incorrect time-delay settings programmed into the controllers for the ATS’.
  • Several issues with CRAC controls which resulted in backup units not starting upon loss of the primary unit.
  • Several CRAC return damper actuators were identified to be installed backwards.
  • Multiple issues of incorrectly labelled lines, switches or components.

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