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CAI Tech

Agile Agent Applications


Centralize and simplify issues tracking management

Manage complex, high-risk, or mission-critical projects with ease

Issue tracking and project management is increasingly complex. Innovative technology and unforeseeable growth in data management puts added pressure on your service workflows and business models. Customer expectations have mirrored digital economy trends and, as a business, you are expected to support 24/7 customer engagement services, across multiple devices as well as self-service options.


CAI Tech for Issue Management

Improve commissioning project time performance

Using innovative software like our Exitus Issue Tracker application, contractors can now complete checklists and other commissioning responsibilities on their own schedule without having to wait for the Commissioning Agent or other parties to complete their sections first, reducing the impact on the project delivery schedule.

Smarter reporting and insights

Daily and weekly resolution tracking reports are easily generated, which increases project team visibility and accountability. This allows for quicker resolution of commissioning issues and minimizes the impact on the project schedule. Exitus users now have real-time visibility on open issues and can coordinate tasks (like costs) based on the resolution tracking form.

Streamline clunky and time-consuming documentation processing

Exitus customers’ contractors can sync all their completed checklists electronically via the cloud, eliminating administrative time spent coordinating other methods of printing and transmitting completed documents, for example, scanning, faxing, e-mailing etc.