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Discover: CAI Tech for Data Center Commissioning

 Improved commissioning of data center equipment

 This part of the overall list of data center commissioning tasks is a mission critical priority. Not only does the equipment represent a major capital investment for the data center owner, but failure or problems associated with data center equipment leads to a drop in overall operating efficiency levels and an increased risk of costly downtime. Using CAI Tech for Data Center software increases the control and decreases the risk of problems associated with this part of the process. Features include:

  • Accurate tracking of all equipment to be commissioned
  • Immediate overviews of current commissioning status
  • Historical data (dates of last update, name of test engineer etc.)
  • Forecasting of any project or equipment delay expectations
  • Issue and tasking tracking
  • Testing Status – completion percentage, status of documentation etc.


CAI Tech for Data Center Commissioning

Transforming Data Center Commissioning workflow management


All workflows and processes supported in one single application

The business of commissioning a data center goes well beyond ensuring processes, systems or expansions meet the owner’s requirements. Our agents are involved every step of the way, from predesign, design, construction and ongoing maintenance. CAI Tech for Data Center Commissioning software is one single application with features that include:

  • Centralized data collecting, storing and analyzing
  • Consistent issue/task resolution logging, tracking resolving
  • Transparent and real-time documentation tracking, reviewing and approval workflows
  • Increased control on forecasting
  • Decreased overall risks



Faster & more accurate daily reporting:

Reporting is a fundamental part of many workflows, whether they are a simple sequence of work activities, or a complicated collection of processes that take place in parallel. Reporting automation is vital for competitive business. It demonstrably leads to overall effectivity and cost savings. Using CAI Tech for Data Center software makes daily reporting 6 x faster! Other benefits include:

  • Real-time accuracy – up to 75% more accurate equipment tracking
  • Automation, automation, automation – from issue & task tracking, daily reports, real time communications, intuitive dashboards, documentation management and more, this app has it all when it comes to state-of-the-art Data Center Commissioning software.