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CAI Tech

Agile Agent Applications


CAI is your global partner for professional services that enhance operational performance and reliability. CAI Tech combines our in-depth commissioning knowledge with cutting-edge technology.

Our project management and issues tracking solutions like Exitus, deliver added value to businesses that need to manage complex, mission-critical, high-risk or high-profile projects.

  • 46% of SMBs either don’t track inventory or use a manual method
  • 67% of warehouses plan to use mobile devices to manage inventory
  • $1.1 trillion of cash is tied up in inventory along with accounts receivable and accounts payable


Unlock business growth through efficiencies

Businesses need a data architecture and technology infrastructure that is flexible enough to meet customer needs. By communicating in real time with your customers, providing accurate information about products or project issues, or simply offering a timely service, you improve operational efficiencies.

In short, this not only allows you to meet your growing customer expectations, it also means you can improve your customer experience, as well as your profitability.



Customer Experience

Operations Management

6 reasons why your business needs CAI Tech solutions


CAI Tech helps you save valuable resources by replacing out-dated processes with cloud-based business application technology that automatically and immediately introduces efficiencies into your business.


Smart applications make your business faster. Decisions can be made whether out in the field, in the office or at home. CAI Tech solutions are mobile compatible and 5G ready so no more bottlenecks in your projects.


Accurate data means accurate decision making and maintaining data integrity has never been more important nor powerful than it is today. We provide a safe and secure environment for all your business data.


Use CAI Tech to make your business smarter and more sustainable. The digital economy forces businesses to up their game, and our solutions are the answer to your commissioning challenges.


With a complete overview of a situation you are presented with powerful insights to feed your strategy. Now you can make fast but accurate strategic decisions. We take the guesswork out and inject facts instead.


We support the profitability of your business by making you more efficient, faster, accurate, tech-led and strategic. We match our in-depth commissioning knowledge with next generation solutions. It’s that simple.